Friday, August 7, 2009

Sometimes inspiration comes at the most random moments...

I was over at My Bottle's Up entering a giveaway and one of the extra entries was to subscribe to her feed. I did and I was looking through her posts when I stumbled upon her entry sharing a link to the story of her rape. It was posted on a website called Violence Unsilenced. It brought tears to my eyes reading her story and I was amazed at how brave she is to have shared such a scary, traumatic event with the world.

She has inspired me to speak out.

It is amazing to me how the internet can seem so vast and anonymous, but at the same time, you read one story and you feel like you have support that you never even knew existed.

Violence Unsilenced helps survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault by giving them a voice.

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My Bottle's Up! said...

your comment left me breathless...

thank you for reading, sharing, and for your bravery.

PTSD is a bitch.