Friday, August 7, 2009

Sexy Hot Tan or Sun Stroke?

Ok, anyone who knows me knows my love for all things Will Ferrell. I am sure that my family and friends are sick of hearing it, but I was a fan before it was cool to be a fan.

I met him while he was filming "Stranger Than Fiction". Part of it was filmed at UIC in Chicago. A friend and I waited outside for a few hours. First, Dustin Hoffman came walking out dressed in khaki shorts and black socks with little ghosts on them (he is eccentric and I love him for it). He stopped and talked to us for a few minutes and was really sweet. For some reason, I wasn't really nervous. He went on his way and we continued waiting....and then it happened. Will Ferrell walked out of the building and stopped to talk to us. My friend was chatting away, but I...couldn't....say...a...thing. He even tried asking how I was doing and all I could do was mouth the word "okay". Even though all I did was stand there gaping like an idiot, it was still one of the best moments of my life! haha

So, when I saw that Will Ferrell created his own line of sunscreens, I about died! They are called Sexy Hot Tan or Sun Stroke.

You can find them at and according to their description:

"Save your skin AND support Cancer for
College with these hilarious sunscreens
endorsed by Will Ferrell! Proceeds go to
scholarships for cancer survivors. PABA
free, alcohol free, mineral oil free, and
fragrance free! 30 SPF lightweight sport
formula has aloe and vitamin E. Hypo-
allergenic and UVB/UVA broadspectrum
protection. Choose from, Sexy Hot Tan
or Sun Stroke. 6 oz. Limited availability!"

So, not only are you buying some awesome sunscreens that you will want to save the bottles of, you are also helping to support a great cause!

I am definitely adding these to my Christmas wish list (hey, it is never too early to start your list!)

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Vickie said...

These are hilarious! The best part is they're endorsed by Will Ferrell.