Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Paging Dr....Baby?

I was never much of a doll girl. I was kinda busy playing with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys and playing tag outside. I can see why girls like playing with dolls though. Just because I was a tomboy doesn't mean that I don't understand the girly girls.

But, when I saw this doll, I did not understand.

So, I thought maybe if I read the description it would help.

"The My Lil' Vet set is all you need to make your puppy all better! All of the tools you need are included! Press the dolly's hand to hear 15 different phrases and sounds. Press the puppy's paw to hear him bark!"

I still did not understand.

I do not understand why you would want to pretend that a baby is a veterinarian. Barbie vets? Fine. Barbie is a doll that is supposed to be an adult. But an infant with a stethoscope around their neck? Weird. I am imagining some child feeding and burping the baby doll and then having the doll check the dog for fleas and taking his temperature. "No, baby can't give the doggy it's shot right now, baby needs their diaper changed".

I don't mean to rip on the company completely, they offer a lot of other really cute, fun dolls. So, to end this on a positive note, just be happy your vet isn't an infant and go check out the rest of the dolls on the site.


Julie. said...

This is a little weird. Nah, it's a lot weird! Who would buy this, I'm wondering??!!! I don't get it either!

Diana H said...

Maybe I'm too old to judge. Ask a 5 year old and see what they think.. I mean after all - cabbage patch kids? My little pony? Who would have thought? I was embarrassed when I found out that the Barbie I bought for my niece had a pooping dog and a pooper scooper - all magnetized, and she loved the thing. I was rolling my eyes over that.

Kelly F said...

That is hilarious! I had no idea that existed.

I get what you are saying, I'm sure a lot of toys when I was a kid didn' t make the most sense :)

Cool Baby Kid said...

Thanks again for stopping by Cool Baby Kid. Be sure to check out the site this week for an announcement. :)

Discovery Woman said...

This toy is one of the marketing inventions or desperations. I guess grown-ups are up to the task to predict what our little ones would love to play with.
To me, this toy is hilariously strange. I wonder how it's doing in sales and if it's being loved by the "target market" (what is it, any way?)
Thank you for such a find.