Friday, March 13, 2009

Book Review: Brisingr (Inheritance: Book 3)

Brisingr (Inheritance:  Book 3)
Brisingr (Inheritance: Book 3)

by Christopher Paolini

Finished this book with a sigh (almost a scream) of frustration. Silly me, I had no idea that the last book of the trilogy (now a cycle) had been split into two books. I was so excited to finish the series and see how it ended. Get to the last page and realize that this isn't the end. The book just wasn't as good as the first two. The story is so good, but Paolini's writing can sometimes seem superfluous and whole sections of the book seemed unnecessary. I see the importance of the sword being forged, but did I honestly need to sit through about 30 pages of minute-by-minute details of how exactly it was made?

All of that aside, it really does engage the imagination and lives up to what a fantasy novel should be. There is the right amount of suspense and danger that keeps you reading (even when it is way past your bedtime). I hope the fourth novel finishes what has been a great series in a way that satisfies.

Oh, and if it turns into five books, I swear to god....

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